Fistbrave Information Technologies is China’s Leading Copyright Protection and Distribution Company.

FirstBrave was established in 2011,

headquartered in Shanghai Zizhu Video Industry Park,

with R&D center in Shanghai and branch offices in Beijing, Shenzhen and Los Angles, USA. Based on patented massive video, audio,

picture and text searching engine technology, as well as Cloud computing and big data visualized analysis; successfully setup copyright protection system,

copyright distribution platform, copyright asset management solution,

as well as big data analysis for copyright industry

Since establishment, Firstbrave served major TV broadcasters like CCTV, SMG, and New Media Company like CNTV, Bestv,

as well as Internet giants like BAT, Youku, LeTV and Sohu, as well as NBA, US Studios like Warner Brother, Fox etc, in cooperation with Beijing Copyright Bureau,

Shanghai Copyright Bureau, Shenzhen Copyright Association and other functional departments around monitoring centers and service platforms. In August 2016,

jointly with the Chinese Copyright Association, the "China Copyright Association Monitoring and Mediation Center" is established;

and monitoring platform is launched. The company has been rated as "2014 China's Most Influential Copyright Enterprise”,

“China Model Company of Copyright Protection” and “Shanghai Model Company of Copyright Protection.”