Whole-work, whole-platform, nonstop monitoring is carried out for movies, TV shows, sports events, animation, arts, literature, music, games and other types of copyrighted contents; if a problem is detected, professional lawyers follow up the case to send piracy warnings and take-down notices, cope with the problem, and maximize the revenue of copyright. 

Our Technology

    It is the world’s only technology that can operate the whole-work, whole-platform, non-stop monitoring of 9000+ PC websites, 1000+ mobile APPs and 100+ OTT platforms by using the massive core technology of extracting and matching fingerprints of phonogram and teletexts, combined with network search technology and cloud computing technology.

Our customers will benefit from:

    o Project managers responsible for the process, coordination of internal and external resources, real-time detection of problems, real-time announcement of problems, and quick resolution. 
    o Professional lawyers for sending piracy warnings and take-down notices, coping with the infringement, and maximizing the revenue of copyright.
    o 7*24 Project Response Mechanism to ensure the quality service.