Jushi Films Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary company

with main business that encompasses Film and Television big data services:

Film and television production, film and television distribution, IP incubation, film and television marketing,

and so the whole industry chain business. It possesses exclusive new media rights of dozens of film

and television works from USA, Japan and China.

Copyright Business and Distribution

At present, we have successfully invested and distributed nearly 100 films and 100,000 pieces of music to PC, IPTV, OTT, mobile terminals and other mainstream platforms. For small and medium-sized platforms, Jushi Films has separately set up film&television and music online distribution system.

Film and Television Copyright Big Data Service

In cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Media and Design, Copyright Big Data Research Center has been established, which provides services like Whole Network Cloud Computing System, and Data Mining and Business Intelligence Analysis System. Services It serves for the film and television entertainment industry chain: film and television companies, music companies, video media, radio and television systems, entertainment marketing companies to support their market decisions.