Firstbrave Information Technology Co., Ltd (Shanghai) is located in Shanghai zizhu national high-tech industrial park, and is a high-tech enterprise established by PHD team of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Technology Transformation Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University and the    funding of Shanghai EFG. The employees with Bachelor degree and above in the company occupy more than 80%. The core team spends six years doing research and development, the company has many proprietary intellectual property rights in artificial intelligence field such as Video search, image search, speech recognition, etc., the technical level is in the domestic leading level.
        Firstbrave Technology concentrates on the research and development of core technology such as image search, speech recognition, text collection, etc., is engaged in development, sales, technical service and system integration of utility software products in the aspect of massive video image search, intelligent phonetic search, text collection, etc.
        Firstbrave Technology devotes itself to providing advanced multi-media technical support and professional new media solution for new media, broadcast television institution, large-scale enterprise and e-commerce platform. It has successfully put forward products such as domestic technology leading FBI-VIDEO copyright cloud monitoring platform, FBI-MAM cloud media assets management system, FBI-AMS intelligent advertisement monitoring system, television content processing API interface service, etc.; and services such as massive video image search engine, massive keyword spotting engine, searching image with an image of e-commerce platform, etc.
        Firstbrave Technology holds the developing idea of “forge ahead, active innovation”, adheres to technological innovation, and provides professional technical support, operation and maintenance and value-added services for general operators. The customer’s need is the unique motive power of our development.